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Tuesday 26th Apr 2016

Muza's design

Muza is in Australia and can be contacted at muzadesigns@bigpond.com. She has made some gorgeous cushion covers from her designs and is selling them on Etsy. Here's one from Suvi and the sky Folk. I love it!

Tuesday 21st Jun 2016

new anthology

What a treat to have another volume of short stories from Authors Electric! These are for adults rather than children. Last year's 'A Flash in the Pen' had 29 stories by this collective of authors, and now we have 'Another Flash in the Pen' with 29 brand-new stories. It is available as an ebook and a paperback and it's the bargain of the year! Find it on Amazon.

Tuesday 21st Jun 2016

poetry magazine

I am thrilled and honoured to have my poem 'How to paint a snow scene' in Artemis poetry magazine, in poems selected by Maggie Sawkins! Sorry about the wonky picture...

Tuesday 21st Jun 2016


Here's the scrumptious cover of our new colouring-in story book Rainbow! with wonderful illustrator Bee Willey. It will be published soon!

Saturday 23rd Jul 2016

Ghostly doings

Again, for adults rather than children, Ghosts Electric by Dark Sparks is a great collection of spooky stories. The paperback will be out in time for Hallowe'en but the ebook can be pre-ordered now!

Saturday 23rd Jul 2016

more poetry news

Magma Poetry magazine have accepted my poem 'Forbidden Fruit' for their next (autumn) issue! I also have a poem 'On the Ferry' in Emma Press's ' Anthology of Age'.

Friday 21st Oct 2016

new children's musical

I've been working with songwriter Martin Neill on a new musical based on my picture book 'Nobody, Him and Me'. The musical is called 'Mister Nobody' and the lovely people at Dulwich College's Seoul campus are going to trial a performance in November! After we have the feedback from that, and have made any necessary tweaks, we'll be approaching publishers. It has a large cast of (mostly) mice and the songs are terrific! I'll post about it as we go.

Tuesday 25th Oct 2016

Barefoot Diaries

I'm delighted to have my story 'A Legend of the Rowan Tree' published in edition 8 / autumn of Barefoot Diaries!

Friday 28th Oct 2016

Tattybogle reading

What a delightful morning, reading Tattybogle to children in Cuenca, Spain, via Skype!

Monday 3rd Apr 2017

free books

We are winding down the Clucket Press - there will be just two more short-print-run books: a new version of The Silkie and a colouring-in picture book, Rainbow! I still have copies of The Moon Thieves, Suvi and the Sky Folk, and I Can't Hear You! I Can't See You! which I'll be delighted to donate to schools and charity fundraisers (multiple copies if needed) in return for postage.

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